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Melissa's (Bi)Weekly MP3 Rotation

Mippa's MP3 Rotation
18 February
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Owned by mippa. Add me to your friends list so you know about all the new updates and other fun things! <3

I currently own over 300 Japanese CDs, and over 3,000 Asian MP3s. This collection is always growing, so you can expect things you've never heard before! <3 Especially now that I have moved to the thick of Tokyo!

Though I would like to help you guys more of the rarest, cutting-edge music--so why not donate a buck?

moldau - one of my favorite LJ MP3 rotations - can always trust her honest opinions! <3
asianmoosic - it does a body good!
beauty_n_stupid - More Asian goodness!
fortecrescendo - Girly Jpop and so much more! Happiness!
fuckology101 - >.< name, but awesome content! <3
wizard_howl - More music than you can shake a stick at!
ayunited - Lots of great Asian dance/techno!
raito_ - Albums, singles, and music videos! <3
tennyonokoe - A community that houses several music-savvy members who share some of the best music around!
aidashi - Japanese, Korean and other Asian music!
cotton_candy121 More Asian music!
angelyrique Fellow karaoke goddess and more Korean music than you can shake a stick at! Definitely my primary source for new Korean music! <3

Want to affiliate? Comment! <3

The rules are the same as nearly any other MP3 rotation journal:

This is a MP3 rotation site for Asian music from Japan, Korea, China, etc. Music in other languages will be shared here as well. Please read the rules so that there won't be any fuss or whatsoever in here. I'm also an old-school Jpop fan, I've been listening to the music for at least ten years now, so expect some stuff you haven't seen in a long time!


Have a request? Leave it in the comments.


1. Please download one file at a time, and please do NOT direct link. This will cause bandwidth problems.
2. These mp3s are for sampling purposes, and for promoting the original artists only. Please delete all files after twenty-four hours...blah blah blah. I think you know what I mean but I doubt most of you will listen to this rule.
3. If files are unable to download, there are a few reasons: 1. Files were removed on the removal date. 2. Files were removed earlier than removal date because of bandwidth. 3. Files weren't named properly. (please comment and ask to be fixed) 4. Files were removed unexpectedly by host. (It happens.)
4. I'm afraid I don't have the skillz to take requests...you can try, but I can't promise anything. ^^; But do tell me what you do like, and I'll try to accomodate your tastes!
5. Please add me to your friends list, so I know how many people I need to accomodate for downloads. If you do not add me, I will be cleaning my friends list every few weeks, and you will be removed.
6. Last of all, but not the least... please COMMENT when you download! Here are the reasons to why: a) So I know where my mp3s are going, and make sure they don't land in hands of the wrong people. b) So I know how many people are downloading, and I can take caution as to how many songs I can upload for each update, and not going over my bandwidth. c) So I know what kind of music downloaders like, and can upload artists likable to their tastes.

Current Favorites:

The Brilliant Green
Tommy Heavenly6/February6
Tamaki Koji/Anzen Chitai
Sukima Switch
Utoku Keiko
Porno Graffiti
The Babystars
Hiromi Go
Matsuda Seiko
Yamaguchi Momoe
JJ Lin
Angela Chang
Huang YiDa
Kim Kyung Ho
Cherry Filter
Lee Hyung Jun
Lena Park